What often brings us to psychotherapy is the sense of having somehow lost that continuity of purpose and meaning that otherwise is felt in living well. This conception of the problem gives the proper place to the construction of meaning in life and the significance of narrative or story in how we understand ourselves. Problems of anxiety, depression, and other psychological and behavioral disturbances often reflect a lack of purpose or meaning and point to preoccupations and concerns related to current interpersonal problems, life circumstances as well as the continuing influence of past experience.


I believe psychotherapy is a collaborative effort. It requires active participation in which the work is increasingly characterized as a conversation between two people equally awake, alert and engaged. Curiosity is essential to the work. I find myself interested in what some might consider the details of everyday life. Yet these apparent details often reveal a great deal about how we think and feel. The emphasis in my work is on how we live. While the past to some degree is always active in the present, it is not the only influence in our lives. One of the potential achievements of psychotherapy is the development of a renewed interest in one’s own mind as well as the world around us.


In my practice of some 30 years it is clear to me that no one approach can effectively address problems in living given that each of us is a unique expression of our common human experience. Therefore, I offer various ways of working with an emphasis on a detailed exploration of one’s current life situation within the context of a life course developmental framework. Ways of understanding utilizing dreams, memories, and reflections are balanced with the exploration of daily activity and habit so as to increase awareness leading to new possibilities in thinking, feeling and acting.


Appointments and Fees


An initial consultation can be made by email. I ask that you provide a brief description of how I might be of help. We can then schedule a Skype appointment. There is no charge for this initial consultation.The purpose of the initial appointment is to both explore the nature of the problem and to allow both of us to a get a sense of whether working together would be helpful. It is essential that the person seeking therapy have a sense that I would be helpful and as someone with whom they feel comfortable. If we agree to go forward, subsequent appointments can then be scheduled. All appointments must be paid for in advance.


My fee is $130.00. I do not accept insurance although I can provide a statement for your records. Reduced fees are possible depending on the ability to pay and are determined by mutual agreement.