I have over the years worked with a wide range of clients. Many of those find themselves in a period of transition or faced with the need to explore their relationships with others. I have worked with many clients who are pursuing doctoral studies in the humanities and the social sciences as well as the professions of law and medicine. The passage from graduation to life in the world of work can be challenging. Issues of family, friends and partners along with the on going efforts to establish one’s own identity - both personally and professionally - can be challenging as well. More importantly, I have found over the years that I work best with those who are curious about themselves and who wish to explore the possibilities in living.


Brief Consultations


In addition to psychotherapy, I offer brief consultations to those seeking to address specific situations related to parenting, school, work and changes in life circumstances. These consultations are focused on immediate concerns and are time limited in nature.



For Practicing Psychotherapists


As therapists, we are often in need of consultation with regard to those we work with but also in understanding the many demands of psychotherapy practice. It has been my experience that as therapists we at times need to gain perspective on our professional learning and begin to explore how we personalize our practice since we are often the benighted instruments of our work. Therapists like everyone else must address issues of who we are and how we work and recognize that we face new challenges at different developmental points in our professional lives. It has been my good fortune to work with many therapists over years. I have found that talking about one’s work with others can be extraordinary helpful in gaining perspective on this at times isolating, emotionally demanding, and often gratifying work.