In the summer of 2015 I closed my Chicago office and began an online practice here in Michigan. Online therapy refers to the use of Skype or related video conferencing technologies to connect therapist and client. The advantage of this approach rests in the fact that clients can work with a therapist from anywhere and any place. For those who cannot make regular office visits because of work, travel or other life circumstances, online therapy can be helpful. I do not recommend this approach for those who are in crisis or for those who need the physical presence of a therapist to help them feel secure and integrated. Whether online therapy can be helpful to you is something that an initial consultation will address. While I am able to maintain a calm, quiet and focused setting in my office it is necessary for you to attempt to arrange a time and setting in which you can do the same. Again, this is something that would be discussed during an initial consultation. Given that even usually reliable internet connections can at times compromise video and audio reception, I have found that the telephone can provide a useful substitute.